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Across Divided Networks

a false dichotomy

October 17th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

I really can’t decide if technologies like this are awesome or creepy. (There’s a video if you want the shinier, visual version. Plus which CEOs with quirky hair add something to any product.)

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  • Jonathan Herzog

    I’m going to vote for awesome. The problem they describe is very real: large enterprises (corporations, government agencies, etc.) are good at identifying the specific expertise they need, and good at hiring people with that expertise. (Well, relatively good.) But they are very, very bad at getting these experts to *talk to each other*. And unless you get people from different departments on different floors of different building to chat with each other (and why would they?) the expertise doesn’t propagate.

    Unfortunately, the creepy part is that it means that the enterprise is scanning everyone’s email. But keep in mind that they are *already* doing that– if for no other reason, than for network security (virus-scanning, intrusion detection, phishing attacks, etc.) Of course, how many of us write personal mail from our work accounts? Show of hands? I thought so.

    (At least it doesn’t seem to try to monitor what websites you look at. But if you think your employer doesn’t do that already, I have a bridge to sell you.)