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“all you have to do is make private schools illegal”: a rant

October 16th, 2010 · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

I just came across this referenced on Twitter (by @karlfisch, in reply to @chadratliff): “If you wanna fix schools, that’s easy, all you have to do is make private schools illegal” -Warren Buffett. (The attribution of this idea to Buffett, with slightly different phrasing, is confirmed here.) I try to tie in every post to [...]

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facts, memorization, learning: part 2

June 9th, 2010 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

I am now going to disagree with myself. (Perhaps.) As an undergrad, when not running off to a neighboring college and devouring their classics curriculum, I wore a math-major hat. One of the outstanding features of my college was that most of the tests in my major were timed, open-book, take-home tests. This, I have [...]

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I don’t have a good title for this post but I bet Google does (?)

June 8th, 2010 · 12 Comments · Uncategorized

A quick thanks to everyone who’s tweeted about the guest posts from a techie patron (part 1, part 2), and welcome to anyone joining us from Twitter! You would make my day if you subscribed (RSS above right) or commented. Today, though, we take a break from the woes of web design and shoes, reach [...]

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