Andromeda Yelton

Across Divided Networks


Sometimes I do projects with code. This collects them in one place. (See also me on github.)

  • The #libday8 visualizer. A high-level, realtime, visually oriented overview of Library Day in the Life, Round 8; uses a Google Maps mashup and pulls in Twitter, Flickr, and WordPress content. Documentation.
  • DCKX, the Directory of Curricular Knowledge in XKCD. A subject index of science topics in XKCD strips (through April of 2010); PHP/SQL/HTML/CSS. Final project for LIS 419.
  • @jaguarbot. It tweets deadlines for getting involved with ALA, now and six months from now, based on my 2011 ALA Emerging Leaders teams’ project; Python/SQL. Manifesto, github repo (code + obsessive documentation).
  • Jaguar ALA Timeline, a visual guide to what happens, when, in ALA. I was part of the 2011 ALA Emerging Leaders Team Jaguar, which put together this project; I did the Drupal part of it.