I saw a review of a book (The Customer-Focused Library) that looked interesting, so I thought I’d get it from my local public library consortium, but they don’t have it. So I checked my library-grad-school library, but they don’t have it. Amazon’s got it, though.

3 thoughts on “irony

  1. Positive spin: it doesn’t appear in the collections yet because it’s being eagerly read and passed around behind the counters.

    Negative spin: Customers? Who are they, and more importantly, who cares about them?


    1. To be quite fair, the book only came out a month or two ago, but yeah, it is a bit in the “how to lose” camp. Luckily the online interlibrary loan feature at school is easy, so now I have a request pending :). I wonder where they’ll ship it from! (According to WorldCat the nearest library copy is at…McGill.)


    2. (Also this has me really wondering how common it is for people to monitor their ILL requests and failed catalog searches as part of their collection development policy. I know nothing about collection development! So I have no idea.)


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