re: your brains

In case anyone wondered why I was so schmoopy with glee after meeting all these librarians at ALA Midwinter:

“In case you haven’t noticed, zombies are so hot right now. In movies and books, in flash mobs and on college campuses, even in social networking, they’re everywhere — shouldn’t they be @ your library, too?”

And there’s a genuine point in the original, zombielicious post about literacy and teaching and engagement.

I like geeks and all (I am a geek and all), but I don’t think “Geek the Library” really stands up to “Zombie the Library”. (Sorry, guys.)

(The post title, by the way, is the obligatory Jonathan Coulton reference.)

4 thoughts on “re: your brains

  1. Wow!! I’m all kinds of flattered that you liked the post. Zombies + librarians = heaven, as far as I’m concerned — in fact I play Left4Dead on XBox Live with a team of librarians from across the country, and we have a BLAST kicking undead butt.

    Glad I found your blog and Twitter feed — I look forward to getting to know you!


    1. Ah, you’re the Twitter follower I just acquired! 🙂 Yay. I met JP at ALA Midwinter; needless to say, good times. I bet your librarian XBox fest is hilarious :). (Not so much of a Left4Dead type myself, but whoooooooa did I, well, get a lot of my brains sucked by Plants vs. Zombies. To the point that my 3-year-old can name a lot of the things in the game…a 3-year-old saying “zombies” is pretty cute fyi…which is all why I mentioned that game in your post; it’s a zombie game that appeals to audiences that more typical games don’t necessarily.)

      (Speaking of which, : awesome.)


      1. I am simply crazy jealous that you got to meet JP (and probably a ton of other fabulous people — did you meet Andy Woodworth?) at Midwinter — no job means I’m stuck on the West coast with no travel plans for a while. But I’ll be getting a West coast Brand Yourself A Librarian group together during ALA, so I’ll be there in spirit!


  2. I did meet Andy! And then discovered he’s been in a WoW for ages with a local, non-librarian friend of mine! Teehee.

    And yeah, I’m graduating in May and look, no job! So ALA looks doubtful at this point. *cry*


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