today: glorious victory.

A while ago on Twitter I mentioned my plan for life these days: fail more intelligently, build stuff, kick ass. Today was a day of #3:

  • I received a scholarship to attend the Association of College and Research Libraries’ New England Chapter conference (May 14). Already having problems deciding which sessions to attend, with multiple compelling ideas conflicting. I’m actually required to do some writeup for ACRL as part of the scholarship, so I expect to end up talking about it here later (as well as via @ThatAndromeda). I ❤ conferences. I am psyched.
  • I’m giving this workshop on fun with WorldCat APIs at the Simmons GSLIS tech lab tomorrow from 1-2pm. And it’s signed up over capacity. And I overheard people talking about it today, including one who wasn’t signed up but wanted to go (which, of course, I enthusiastically encouraged him to do ;). And the OCLC Developer Network has picked this up and blogged it and tweeted it repeatedly. And here I thought this would be too arcane for many people to be interested. I may have to run it again.
  • And apparently my name came up at a faculty meeting as an example of an intelligent, creative students.
  • And I’m still feeling psyched about the paper I submitted to the LITA/Ex Libris student writing contest. And my fellow students seem pretty interested in it. I think I’ll turn it into a tech lab presentation, too. Apparently arcane topics are the way to go!

I am not usually the own-horn-tooting type — one of those stereotypical librarian habits we need to get over, I guess — but I am just rocking the professional identity today, and I had to dance about it :).

(Nice day for biking, too. That just makes everything better.)

3 thoughts on “today: glorious victory.

  1. Awesome day of victories indeed! You are invincible. First you win the Battle Decks at Mid-Winter and now you are setting out to conquer libraryland. Way to Go and my congrats on all fronts.

    Speaking of Battle Decks… have you found a way to get to DC yet? I need to get my roster finalized.


    1. Thanks!

      I haven’t. It’s so tragic. If I win this LITA thing I am totally turning part of the money into Annual, but I won’t know until June. 😦 In the meantime I should probably pay my tuition, you know?


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