Now CC-licensed

Library Scenester posted about creative commons licensing her blog. Well, why the heck not?

I’m a fan of information kudzu: gloriously verdant growth and hybridization of the world’s ideas, even if it means we have to hack away the resulting infoglut a bit. (Maybe librarians aren’t sherpas so much as machete-wielding jungle guides? Do I get a machete when I graduate?) And I’m as much of a sucker for trackbacks as anyone else — I want you to quote and remix my work! And the folks at Creative Commons have made it so very easy to generate licenses (what a welcome change of pace from click-to-pretend-you’ve-read-this many-page EULAs); check out the new widget at right.

So let’s make this officially clear: you can quote me. You can mash this blog up. This blog officially participates in the user-generated-content revolution. Have fun!

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