competition comes from the strangest places

My awesomesauce friend John sent me this link about Visa’s concierge service. Apparently they offer a free virtual assistant thing, and some snarky blogger decided to test the limits of this by, e.g., ordering a giant vat of cheese and getting help on his crossword.

1) OMG. The credit card that offers this is one I have. I have totally got to use this to make my life better.
2) …wait, you call up your credit card to get help on the crossword? Whatever happened to calling up a reference librarian? (Does Visa employ reference librarians? Or is it all outsourced to Bangalore? Or do they outsource to reference librarians in Bangalore?)

I’m reminded of Andy’s post about what might substitute in a world without public libraries. Now, I loved this post, because I’m a sucker for economics-style thinking, but I gotta say, “your credit card” was not on the list of options. Who’da thunk?

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