content, context, community (turtles)

Riding the lovely, civilized train on my way to the ACRL/NEC conference the other day, I was reading the book Managing Humans by this guy. (So far quite good, recommended: funny, pragmatic.) And I was thinking about David Weinberger stuff and my presentation for LIS 415 back when, and suddenly I wanted to blog something, but I had no laptop charge, so I grabbed some paper and scribbled a bunch of stuff and am finally reconciling myself to the fact that if I wait until I have turned it into complete sentences it will never be a blog post, so I’m going to transcribe it here, and ask you all to fill in the blanks. (So yeah, this is what my brain looks like before I translate it!)

Rands (p. 106): tags ( are context which renders the content meaningful

me (tagging presentations)/LIS: tags removed from context have altered/no meanings

they are context, or they’re in context? cf. Weinberger — no clear distinction between data & metadata

org culture — these artifacts we create to communicate/provide context make sense only in org context

turtles all the way down

communicating context = explication of assumptions; # of assumptions you don’t need to explain determined by the region circumscribing the conversation

Flickr,, etc. — region circumscribing you, original tagger potentially very large; you can’t see how big it is & may make faulty assumptions

you may coincidentally share a discourse community but there’s no reason you’re already in one (though social technology infrastructure gives you means to discover/build one if you treat the clash of assumptions as the opportunity for a conversation rather than an occasion of outrage or superiority)

i ❤ social technology

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