my alternate circulation universe

I know this is wildly impractical, but sometimes I wish my loan period for books were, say, a function of number of pages and Flesch–Kincaid score. Because I am completely loving the 9 pages of Habermas that kicked my ass over the last…hour, and there is no way I will finish this book before I max out my renewals.

2 thoughts on “my alternate circulation universe

  1. You know what? I completely agree.

    What’s harder even is when the book is popular in addition to being long and complicated. Then you sometimes get either one or 0 renewals!


    1. Luckily this is not a problem I have with Habermas ;), but it is certainly likely to be an issue with the very long, very popular novel I have (after it worked its way through the 88 holds to me).


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