a follow-up on Plato

Through the magic of incoming links, I discover that Lane Wilkinson has written a post about the application of Phaedrus to transliteracy arguments. (I discover this because he quoted my post ebooks, Plato, and the unchanging agony of change.) I disagree with his interpretation of my post, but his grasp of Plato beats mine eight ways to Sunday, and his line of reasoning from the Phaedrus to retweeting is elegant. Go read it (it’s long and there’s lots of Plato, but you’ll miss the good bits if you don’t read it closely).

2 thoughts on “a follow-up on Plato

  1. Sorry about that. I was too caught up in some of the comments on your post and in your phrase, “this is not the first time I’ve heard a debate about how the changing format of our texts will destroy the way we think”. I think that citing Ong (who does make the Plato mistake) caught me off-guard, too. Still, I agree with most of what you write, and corrected my post. Rock on.


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