A sonnet for @ashleyodell on Methodism

I’m going to be without many of my usual sources of entertainment over Thanksgiving break, so I put out a call on Twitter for topics I can write sonnets about. (Feel free to add suggestions in comments; if I see ’em in time I’ll run with them.)

A disclaimer:

  • I may not know anything about the topic you have picked.
  • And I will be without the internet for several days. Or a library.

In that spirit of ignorance, I present to you the first of them:

A sonnet for @ashleyodell on Methodism

The Reformation says, you make your choice:
not priests or popes or cardinals, not stone
in vaulted arches swallowing your voice:
just you, your conscience, God: you three alone.
Explained this to a kid I’m tutoring
(History in seventh grade. It meant
the wrong ideas, the Great Awakening,
with him not understanding “Protestant”).
But how can I — three-quarters of an hour —
explain the fault lines of theology
and politics — of reason, faith, and power?
I don’t know what the different sects believe.
Predestination? Not? Our moral goals?
First, sermon. Then, bad coffee, casseroles.

2 thoughts on “A sonnet for @ashleyodell on Methodism

  1. The beauty here is beyond what I could have imagined. Well done. šŸ™‚ But why am I hearing it in Shatner voice in my head?


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