consortial fish

Kosning_Des_2007My daughter likes the Lexington (MA) public library. It has fish. The ground floor has a big fishtank full of various smallish, variously-colored fish. They look kind of like this one.

The children’s room has a similar tank, except it also has a corner always full of little tiny fish — baby fish barely larger than punctuation, swarming in a corner, so many it seems the fishtank will be any day now overrun as they grow.

Today when I was there, there was a guy feeding the fish. It turns out the library subcontracts the fish; he works for a company that handles big fishtanks for corporate offices and so forth. I asked him what happens with all the baby fish; he said, to my surprise, most of them stay right in that tank. (Maybe baby fish mortality is very high?) But sometimes he will transfer them to tanks elsewhere in the Minuteman library system; Wellesley has some of them now.

That’s right: consortial fish.

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