#libmadness: introducing the Alexandria bracket

Are you psyched for Library Bracketology? Let’s meet the competitors in the Alexandria bracket!

  1. S.R. Ranganathan (1892-1972, India)
    ranganathan posterCataloger and theorist, noted for his five laws of library science and the colon classification system; considered the father of library science in India.
    Superpower: His entire LIS background before landing his first library job, as a sole university librarian? Reading an encyclopedia article. Oh, yes.
  2. Callimachus (310/305-240 BC, ancient Greek diaspora)
    The Library of AlexandriaCreated the Pinakes, the first library catalogue, for the Library of Alexandria.
    Superpower: Knows far too many words for “goat”.
  3. Eratosthenes (c.276-c.195 BC, ancient Greek diaspora)
    Portrait of EratosthenesThird chief librarian at Alexandria.
    Superpower: Being second-best in the world at everything.
  4. Anastasius Bibliothecarius (c. 810-c.878, Italy)
    Head of the archives of the Roman Catholic church.
    Superpower: Antipope.
  5. Zenodotus (fl. 280 BC, ancient Greek diaspora)
    This dude is not Zenodotus at all; he's Antisthenes the CynicFirst librarian at Alexandria; organized works by subject and author’s name — the first known alphabetical order.
    Superpower: Precedent-setting textual criticism: he divided Homer’s epics into 24 books each.
  6. M. S. Khan (1910-1978, Myanmar/Pakistan/Bangladesh)
    M.S. Khan, via wikimediaFounder and leader of Pakistani library associations; at Dhaka University, served as librarian, started a course in library science, and introduced the Dewey Decimal System.
    Superpower: His birthday (March 21) is Library Day in Bangladesh.
  7. Khalifa Mohammad Asadullah (1890-1949, India/Pakistan)
    National Library, CalcuttaFirst qualified librarian of the Government College, Lahore; Librarian of the Imperial Library, Calcutta for 17 years (now National Library of India); founder of the Indian Library Association and a library training program.
    Superpower: Is an honorary Khan.
  8. Iyyanki Venkata Ramanayya (1888-1979, India)
    Iyyanki Venkata Ramanayya, via wikimediaFounder/organizer of numerous library associations, journals, training programs, and conferences, as well as many public libraries.
    Superpower: Likely granted by Shiva, as Ramanayya donated land to build a temple to him.

Per the brackets, our weekend matchups will be:

  • Ranganathan vs. Ramanayya
  • Bibliothecarius vs. Zenodotus
  • Eratosthenes vs. Khan
  • Callimachus vs. Asadullah

Let the trash-talking begin.

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