#libmadness round 1 results

The results are in! Check out the updated brackets, crow over your victories, bemoan your defeats, et cetera. Next round, March 24-25.

Some highlights: Five upsets, including Charles Coffin Jewett losing to a guy I’d never heard of before starting this research (Justin Winsor). Looks like y’all like intellectual freedom (Krug) and children’s services (Batchelder). And, to my surprise, no Canadian bloc materialized; Charlton and Bain both went down in the first round. Dewey defeated his protege, and being the librarian of Alexandria was good for a victory — unless you were facing an antipope.

Full results (numbers are percents):
Library of Congress
Henriette Avram 80/Charles Martel 20
Arnulfo Trejo 27/Judith Krug 73
Charlemae Hill Rollins 80/Effie Louise Power 20
E.J. Josey 40/Mildred Batchelder 60

Melvil Dewey 80/Mary Cutler Fairchild 20
Margaret Ridley Charlton 36/Charles Ammi Cutter 64
Charles Coffin Jewett 43/Justin Winsor 57
John Cotton Dana 79/Ina Coolbrith 21

Thomas Bodley 57/Gerdina Hendrika Kurtz 43
Vespasiano da Bisticci 47/Paul Otlet 53
Gottfried van Swieten 57/James Bain 43
Antonio Panizzi 67/Gottfried Leibniz 33

S.R. Ranganathan 80/Iyyanki Venkata Ramanayya 20
Anastasius Bibliothecarius 60/Zenodotus 40
Eratosthenes 53/M.S. Khan 47
Callimachus 71/Khalifa Mohammad Asadullah 39

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