#libmadness round 2 results

Notable results:

The internet likes intellectual freedom more than it likes MARC. No surprise put that way, I guess, but the Krug/Avram race was the closest of all these.

Despite vocal fans, Cutter lost to Dewey. (Sorry, Brooke and Julia.)

Having an ALA award named after you seems like a route to victory (Batchelder, Dana). Name recognition?

Races were, on the whole, more lopsided this time. A blip or a trend?

Looks like I should have done the Elite Eight yesterday and today, so uh, I’ll get that out as soon as I can today and run it through tomorrow.

Avram 40/Krug 52
Rollins 32/Batchelder 64

Dewey 56/Cutter 40
Winsor 32/Dana 64

Bodley 64/Otlet 28
van Swieten 28/Panizzi 60

Ranganathan 64/Bibliothecarius 28
Eratosthenes 40/Callimachus 60

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