#libmadness round 3 results

Sorry about the delay in posting — I was busy finishing coauthoring an issue of Library Technology Reports with Marshall Breeding, who was pretty much the patron god of my library automation systems class. (I still can’t believe I got to do that.)

This, my friends, was the round of blowouts. Winners: intellectual freedom, public library leadership, crazy Italian guys, and cataloging. Losers: children’s librarianship, academic and research library leadership, and cataloging. Final Four to be played Saturday, April 2, assuming the April 1 nor’easter has not buried me in snow, blown greater Boston out to sea. (I am SO done with winter.)

The scores:

Krug 64/Batchelder 29
Dewey 36/Dana 64
Bodley 29/Panizzi 71
Ranganathan 11/Callimachus 3

On a personal note, may I say I am SO happy someone finally stomped Callimachus. I have had a grudge against that guy ever since he made me look up three different words for goat over the course of a single short poem. And that’s not counting the other word for goat he used, which I already knew. Neoteric poetry can go bite itself.

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