my recent talk & publication

I’ve been doing stuff! I mean, besides my job. And my contract thing. And some writing. And…oh, don’t make me think about my schedule.

The talk I gave at TEDxPrincetonLibrary is now online. There’s also a playlist of all the talks — some wonderfully interesting/inspiring/international stuff there; check it out.

Also, the Library Technology Report I cowrote with Marshall Breeding (!!!) is available for purchase. (Or, quite possibly, for reading from your library. Maybe even electronically!) It’s called Librarians’ Assessments of Automation Systems: Survey Results, 2007–2010, and it analyzes Marshall’s survey data on, well, how librarians feel about their software. He discusses the 2010 results on his site (and past years in archives, too), but we go into more depth on the 2010 results, as well as investigating some trends across time.

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