Wanna get involved in LITA? Here’s how: your turn.

Having spent the last few years immersing myself in LITA, I’m trying to articulate things I’ve learned in case you want to get involved, too, but are looking for places to start. The whole series can be read at the how to get involved in LITA tag. Here’s the last post![ref]Unless of course I end up writing more between January 5, when I’m scheduling this post, and the end of time. Is there anything else you think I should cover?[/ref]

Your turn

So I have my way of being involved in LITA, which is basically about interest groups, Happy Hour, Twitter, LITA Forum 2013, and wonkish obsession (hey, I make my own fun).

Other people have their own ways. If you’re involved in LITA, how so? If you’re not but would like to be, what questions do you have, or what opportunities would you like to see?

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