LITA Listening Tour Episode 1: Frank Skornia

In case you missed it, I’m running for LITA Board, as a Director-at-Large for 2013-2016. (Check out the full list of candidates.)

Win or lose, I want to make sure my campaign is a learning experience that produces something of value. And it turns out being a candidate is a great excuse to meet people and learn about their perspectives!

I also thought my 2011 Emerging Leaders classmates on Team M — the Branding LITA project — had some really good ideas. In particular, I loved their idea of an “I am LITA” video series. I’ve been sad ever since that the Board didn’t follow up on their recommendations. And I realized this is a “be the change you want to see in the world” moment — I may not know a thing about videography or market identity, but Google has kindly given us this Hangouts on Air tool, so what the heck! I’m going to talk to people and find out what LITA means to them.

So here’s my very first interviewee: Frank Skornia. Thanks, Frank, for being my guinea pig.

About Frank Skornia

Frank Skornia is a recent library school graduate with experience in digital archives and interest in all sorts of things: library instruction, emerging technologies, sci-fi, and gaming, to name a few. He’s on LITA’s Membership Development Committee. You can follow him at his blog and on Twitter, @fskornia.

Your turn

Dear readers: whom do you want to hear from? I’d like to chat with lots more people! People from all types of libraries, people involved with tech from all sorts of angles, people who joined LITA just yesterday or have been heavily involved for years (even people who dropped their membership, or are wondering if they should join, or never joined even though they’re in library technology). Would you like to chat with me about LITA? Have someone you think I should interview? Drop me a comment or an email.

Obligatory disclaimer: being interviewed does not, of course, constitute an endorsement of my campaign.

Some thanks

Lauren Comito, Emily Daly, Bohyun Kim, Pearl Ly, Andreas Orphanides, my sparkling Emerging Leader classmates: this series is for you.

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