virtual campaign swag

The internet told me I should make swag for my campaign (I’m running for LITA Board), so I did (even though gotta say, feels egotistical even for me!). At any rate, if you saw me at Midwinter, maybe you ended up with a sticker. But, asked a friend, what about those of you not at Midwinter? Could you have virtual campaign swag?

Since apparently I do whatever the internet tells me,[ref]Use your powers only for good and never for evil. Well, maybe for eeeeeevil. Sparingly.[/ref][ref]yes I know there’s something broken about how often the footnotes render[/ref] the answer is yes, you can! Just copy this and paste it wherever HTML can be pasted:

Photo credit Molly Tomlinson
I'm voting Andromeda for LITA Board of Directors. Learn more!
</div> </div>

It’s got my color scheme and everything! It’s been tested basically nowhere, so tell me if it looks weird. Or hack it yourself![ref]Fun![/ref]


4 thoughts on “virtual campaign swag

  1. I like it! Good luck!

    Are you sure you don’t want to add border-radius to the image, too? Just copying code from the earlier lines, I get this, which seems a little prettier as I rescale in various ways:

    (Also, there may be a good reason, but why omit the webkit and khtml vendor prefixes on the “I’m voting for…” div?)


      1. I guess while I’m at it, I can ask another question (whose answer I honestly don’t know): what fraction of active web users are using browsers that support a prefixed border-radius but not an unprefixed one? In other words, how many people would get the less elegant look if you skipped the vendor prefixes altogether? Could the cleaner code be worth it? (Maybe not.)


      2. Dunno. The cost of having extra code around, via blind copy-paste, was less than the cost of figuring out the answer 😉 Satisficing!


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