LITA Listening Tour Episode 4: Emily Ford

As part of my campaign for LITA Board, I’m interviewing a wide range of library techonology people about their involvement with the association. Today’s interviewee is Emily Ford.

This interview is a bit different from the others: Emily is a former LITA member who left. I’m really glad to have had the chance to talk to someone from that perspective. Diversity and outreach are important to me, which means it’s every bit as important to hear from people for whom the association isn’t working as those for whom it is, and learn from that.

About Emily Ford

After following her local public library and the ACLU’s fight against the Children’s Internet Protection Act in the Supreme Court in 2003, Emily decided to become a librarian. A few years later she earned an MLS and an MIS from Indiana University Bloomington. She was a member of the 2008 class of ALA Emerging Leaders and continued her involvement in ALA first with LITA, and then with RUSA and ACRL.

Emily frequently contributes articles to In the Library with the Lead Pipe where she is also an Editorial Board member and one of the journal’s co-founders. She has two active research projects. One examines the changing practices in scholarly publishing and peer review practices; the second investigates the research and information habits of returning and professional students. She is currently Urban & Public Affairs Librarian at Portland State University.

You can learn more about Emily at her web site and on Slideshare, Google+, and Twitter (@femilyr).

The boilerplate

  1. As ever, being interviewed does not imply an endorsement of my candidacy.
  2. Thanks, Emily, for participating!
  3. Dear readers: who should be next?

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