Why I’m on Team Courtney for the ALA Elections (and other endorsements)

ALA elections are March 19 through April 26 via email. [ref]Eligible voters should have already received a test email. Ballots will be mailed over a 48-hour period, starting at 9am Central on the 19th. I don’t see any indication of what you should do if you haven’t received your test email, but people requesting a paper ballot are directed to ALA customer service at 1-800-545-2433, ext . 5, so I’d start there.[/ref] I’m endorsing Courtney Young for ALA President. Here’s why.

  • Courtney’s been extremely involved with ALA governance at many levels, most notably ALA Executive Board and the Budget Analysis & Review Committee. [ref]By the way, BARC meetings are super fascinating and you should go. Exploit ALA’s open meetings policy to its fullest![/ref] This means that she knows the major, high-level issues facing ALA, and how things work. The President’s term is short, which means she doesn’t have time for a learning curve. Courtney already has the expertise and network to get things done during that short window in office.
  • Part of Courtney’s platform is diversity. This is an important issue to me, too, and to the LITA Forum committee I’m on. When I’ve asked her for help with diversity questions, she’s followed up quickly with advice and concrete help. I appreciate that she backs up her platform with action, and that she gets that sometimes the most important part of leadership is just being responsive.
  • As a LITA member, I want a President who understands technology issues. Courtney spoke articulately to the LITA board at Midwinter, fielding their questions in a way which showed she is familiar with LITA’s concerns. (And why not? She’s a LITA member, too.)
  • I had this great conversation with Courtney once, just because Foursquare told me we happened to be in the same hotel. She’s not too busy or too special to sit down for a random chat (even though she is pretty busy and special!). She’s friendly, approachable, and relatable. She’s a teacher, a military brat, a nerd, a fashionista, and a football fanatic, which is to say, it doesn’t matter who you are; there’s something about Courtney you can connect with.

As long as I’m endorsing people, here’s who I’m voting for Council, too.

  • My pals from the Think Tank slate: John Jackson, Kate Kosturski, Chris Kyauk, Coral Sheldon-Hess, and Patrick Sweeney. They have divergent personalities and styles, but they’re all smart, interesting people who do things and who care.
  • Peggy Cadigan, a fun person doing neat stuff in New Jersey.
  • Maria Taesil Hudson Carpenter, the new(ish) director of my local public library, which has been doing a lot of good things since she came on board. I’m happy to see her on the ballot.
  • Loida Garcia-Febo (is there anyone who isn’t impressed by Loida?)
  • Lauren Pressley, thoughtful, strategy-minded, LITA Board member; as far as I can tell everybody likes her. Plus which she’s got this unglued ebook
  • I will also be seriously considering the rest of the Think Tank caucus, all the Emerging Leaders, and Martin Garnar, all people I’ve heard good things about.

There’s a gigantic pdf where you can read all the Councilor candidates’ bios and statements

I would love to hear who else I should vote for and why!

I am of course also deeply interested in the outcome of the LITA Board elections, but as I’m running I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to endorse anyone. I think the nominating committee put forth a solid slate of qualified candidates and LITAns are likely to be happy with the outcome whatever it is — but I still encourage you to read up on everyone and make an informed choice!

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