LITA Listening Tour Episode 6: Bohyun Kim

As part of my campaign for LITA Board, I’m interviewing a wide range of library techonology people about their involvement with the association. Today’s interviewee is Bohyun Kim.

About Bohyun Kim

Bohyun Kim is the Digital Access Librarian at Florida International University Medical Library in Miami, FL. She has been a LITA member since 2008, chaired the Mobile Computing IG from 2010-2012, and is a member of LITA Top Tech Trends committee and LITA Web committee. She was also a 2011 American Library Association Emerging Leader sponsored by LITA and currently serves as the founding editor of ACRL TechConnect blog and on the executive board of ALA New Members Roundtable as the Outreach Director. She blogs at Library Hat and can be found at @bohyunkim on Twitter. More information is found at her website,

The boilerplate

  1. As ever, being interviewed does not imply an endorsement of my candidacy.
  2. Thanks, Bohyun, for participating!
  3. Dear readers: who should be next?

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