do you like adorable baby animals? on the internet?

When you run for LITA Board,[ref]Ballots come out Tuesday![/ref] you get a lot of questions about how to get involved in LITA. Now people could read through the LITA web site, which has a ton of info, but no one really likes reading through long web sites.[ref]Well, um. This is not true. I’ve read most of the LITA site. So not no one.[/ref]

You know what people do like? Adorable baby animals. Also? Reloading the internet in lieu of doing more productive things.

I’m there for you. Now you can satisfy your itch to reload adorable baby animal pics while learning about ways to get involved with LITA on a very short web site:

Feeling even slightly motivated? You can make the site better! The site lets you submit your own ideas for how people can get involved with LITA. Is your interest group or committee doing something awesome you want to pimp? Did you have a really great time at a LITA thing one day, and took pictures or wrote a blog post or something? Do you want collaborators[ref]Or minions.[/ref] for your latest LITA project? You should totally advertise.

This should totally be the post where I tell you about the tech stack (Heroku! it’s so slick) and all the yaks I had to shave to get the code working (omg deploying static files in production with Django, let’s not), because I believe in knowledge capture and I want you to learn from what I did so you can replicate or hack on it and I feel really guilty if I don’t write documentation, but I have a headache and my kid is making me dinner,[ref]She’s so great. It’s pizza. She’s six! She made it mostly all by herself.[/ref] so bug me to write that post later.

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