Come learn Python with me! (early bird discounts end soon.)

So hey, I want you to come learn Python with me!

tl;dr It’ll be awesome, and I’m so psyched about this workshop and I want to teach you Python, and early bird registration closes on Friday; register soon so you don’t miss out on the discount.

What: The Library Code Year interest group is sponsoring a preconference introducing the Python programming language at ALA Annual this year. I’m going to be coteaching. We’re basing our curriculum on the Boston Python Workshop, which has been heavily tested and refined in a number of cities. This workshop is part of the diversity outreach efforts of the Boston Python User Group, which means it’s woman-friendly and newbie-friendly.

Who: you! Whether you’re an experienced coder looking to add a new language to your repertoire, an occasional codemonkey trying to get more mileage out of the great ideas discussed on ACRL TechConnect, or someone with maybe some vague memories of library school HTML, you’re welcome here. A mix of self-paced, hands-on, and instructor-guided activities provide room for all skill levels; we’ll obsessively define terms, patiently answer questions, and high-five you as needed.

Why: because code lets you see and also it is fun and useful, and Python is a powerful yet approachable language. And you will build stuff you didn’t know how to build before

When and where: Friday, June 28, 8-4pm, in Chicago, at Annual. (You need not be attending the rest of Annual to register.) You’ll need to do some advance setup of the laptop you’re bringing (Mac, Windows, Linux all fine, but you do need one). We’ll provide online office hours and (we hope) in-person ones on Thursday the 27th.

You can register at any time (including onsite), but you get a discount with early bird registration, which closes on the 12th.

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