what I’ve been up to

So as we blogged at Unglue.it a month back, I have quit my job at Unglue.it so that I can teach libraries to code.

I’m still figuring out what that means, and if you have opinions, I want to hear them! (Seriously. I have a big list of people to set up Google hangouts with, and after Labor Day when everyone’s schedules have stabilized I’m going to start in on that.) I mean, on the high level, it means optimism and empowerment and building things and collaborating, a world of librarian partners-in-crime improving services and workflows through hacker epistemology and crafting ideas into things. But that’s gotta translate into action 🙂 For starters, I’ll be teaching an online Python course through Library Juice Academy (please sign up!) and doubtless I’ll be doing a lot more teaching things, too.

But it starts with conversations. Conversations and listening and connections. You know where to find me.

In related news, I’m enjoying & feeling honored about & rapidly learning from my new role as a LITA Board member. (Are you a constituent, current or prospective? I have a info page and contact form just for you!) I’m liaising to the Education committee, so if you’re interested in doing a web course or similar for LITA, please talk to me and I’ll make sure you get a great committee member to help you through the process. Or if you already have an idea for a course you’d like to teach, you can skip right ahead to proposing it.

I’m also doing some independent software contracting. Right now my software bandwidth is pretty well taken up by my friend’s awesome startup (about which more later), but I expect to be taking on other projects later. My skills are chiefly Django front-end development (Python, CSS, jQuery, etc.), but my real specialty is doing things I don’t know how to do, so if you happen to need some software contracting like that (but not immediately), let’s talk. If you have ideas for how I can deploy Django and CSS and lightweight scripting and the like to make your library’s life easier or better, I’d love to hear those too!

5 thoughts on “what I’ve been up to

  1. Wow! Good for you! I wish you the absolute best in getting involved in librarian professional development; that part of my work (nearly always outside of my day-job) has been the most gratifying for me.

    There are a lot of libraries without anyone with nearly the skills you have, so I can imagine there being a strong need for freelance development work for someone with your skill-set who also knows libraries.

    You are a really awesome person, Andromeda, and resourceful enough to turn this new endeavor into something really great.


    1. It *is* super-gratifying! I’m glad I’ve found the software contracting option, which gives me a flexible way to support the professional involvement habit 😉

      And yeah, I’m hoping there IS that need. More so, I’m hoping libraries without coders know how to identify it well enough to have talks with me….or that I can teach enough people enough code that they start to identify more such needs 😉

      Thanks for the vote of confidence.


  2. Aha! I missed the blog post and had been wondering why you hadn’t mentioned Unglue.it recently. You did great work there and are moving on to something equally wonderful, so it’s a win all around, it seems. Well done.


  3. 1) If November comes (or, you know, gets close) and I still haven’t shown the dedication required to teach myself the rest of Python in my spare time, you know I’ll take your course. 🙂

    2) I’ll start thinking of things I know enough about to teach. Surely, there must be something. I would love to teach a class for LITA!

    3) I’ve already said congrats, but congrats again! I’m excited for you and for all of the libraries you’ll make better through your work!


    1. I will hand you off to a committee member ASAP to help you brainstorm ideas 🙂 And I’m sure Margaret and I will be happy to hassle you at Forum if you haven’t agreed to teach a class yet (she’s on the Ed committee too)


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