this week in my AI

After visualizing a whole bunch of theses and learning about neural style transfer and flinging myself at t-SNE I feel like I should have something meaty this week but they can’t all be those weeks, I guess. Still, I’m trying to hold myself to Friday AI blogging, so here are some work notes:

  • Finished course 4 of the sequence. Yay! The facial recognition assignment is kind of buggy and poorly documented and I felt creepy for learning it in the first place, but I’m glad to have finished. Only one more course to go! It’s a 3-week course, so if I’m particularly aggressive I might be able to get it all done by year’s end.
  • Tried making a 3d version of last week’s visualization — several people had asked — but it turned out to not really add anything. Oh well.
  • Been thinking about Charlie Harper’s talk at SWiB this year, Generating metadata subject labels with Doc2Vec and DBPedia. This talk really grabbed me because he started with the exact same questions and challenges as HAMLET — seriously, the first seven and a half minutes of this talk could be the first seven and a half minutes of a talk on HAMLET, essentially verbatim — but took it off in a totally different direction (assigning subject labels). I have lots of ideas about where one might go with this but right now they are all sparkling Voronoi diagrams in my head and that’s not a language I can readily communicate.
  • All done with the second iteration of my AI for librarians course. There were some really good final projects this term. Yay, students!

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