this time: speaking about machine learning

No tech blogging this week because most of my time was taken up with telling people about ML instead!

One talk for an internal Harvard audience, “Alice in Dataland”, where I explained some of the basics of neural nets and walked people through the stories I found through visualizing HAMLET data.

One talk for the NISO plus conference, “Discoverability in an AI World”, about ways libraries and other cultural heritage institutions are using AI both to enhance traditional discovery interfaces and provide new ones. This was recorded today but will be played at the conference on the 23rd, so there’s still time to register if you want to see it! NISO Plus will also include a session on AI, metadata, and bias featuring Dominique Luster, who gave one of my favorite code4lib talks, and one on AI and copyright featuring one of my go-to JD/MLSes, Nancy Sims.

And I’m prepping for an upcoming talk that has not yet been formally announced.

Which is to say, I guess, I have a lot of talks about AI and cultural heritage in my back pocket, if you were looking for someone to speak about that šŸ˜‰

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