I like public speaking! Please ask if you’d like me to speak at your event. I’ve spoken and taught internationally on topics including:

  • Librarians learning code
  • Gender issues in technology
  • Ebooks
  • Copyright
  • Personal branding

Want to know what I’m like as a speaker? There are links to slides and video of my work at the Presentations, Publications, & Code section of my resume.


I’m fervently committed to advancing diversity in librarianship in general and library technology in particular. To that end, please do not ask me to speak on your panel if it will be:

  • all white
  • all (except for me) academic librarians
  • all (except for me) men

If you need help identifying capable speakers to diversify your panel, I can suggest some for you. I am happy to participate in, or moderate, panels which strive to present a variety of voices.

Past talks

If you were at one of my past talks and are looking for the slides, bibliography, etc., check for a talk-specific page under the ‘talks’ header in the menu above.